Nareva is an established player in power generation and water-cycle management sectors. Since 2005, our company strives to deliver the most innovative and the best customer suited solutions at the highest safety and sustainability standards. Driven by its ambition to contribute to the Moroccan energy mix diversification and increasing the share of renewable energy, Nareva designs, develops, and delivers solutions centred around innovation, competitiveness and sustainable responsibility, all while creating value for its customers and its stakeholders.

Over the years, our company has been able to embrace these principles through major achievements in the power sector:

  • Tarfaya wind farm, one of the largest in Africa, with a capacity of 301.3 MW
  • Safi coal-fired power plant, the state-of-the-art clean generation technology with an installed capacity of 1 386 MW
  • A wind portfolio of 505 MW, developed as part of the merchant renewable market (law 13-09)
  • The 850 MW Integrated Wind Project; the largest in Morocco

With a wind asset portfolio exceeding 2000 MW, comprising plants in late development, construction and operation, Nareva stands out as Africa’s leading private player in the wind sector. Leveraging on its extensive experience, Nareva is looking to expand its activities in the African continent. In this regard, the company has been declared preferred bidder for the 120 MWp Gafsa photovoltaic power plant in Tunisia. In the water sector, Nareva has pioneered the development of the first Public-Private Partnership project in the water irrigation sector in Morocco. Nareva also develops new areas of sustainable growth based on the supply of responsible and economically viable energy solutions:

DECENTRALISED POWER PRODUCTION – A decentralized power production providing green solutions at a suitable price, across the entire value chain, thus significantly reducing the carbon footprint and energy bills of Nareva’s clients in low or medium voltage.

GREEN DESALINATION OF WATER – Seawater desalination projects mainly provided by green energies. In a context of water scarcity and climate change, Nareva strives to contribute to delivering customer-suited and sustainable solutions to meet growing water needs in Morocco.

DECARBONIZATION OF INDUSTRY – A positioning in the Power-to-Industry sector, in order to supply innovative and energy-intensive industrial sectors with abundant and highly competitive green electrons. Nareva thus helps placing Morocco as the leading regional green export platform.