In March 2016, the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) was officially launched in Beijing, with the purpose of promoting the establishment of Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) to meet global power demand with clean and green alternatives. The Chairman of GEIDCO is Mr. Baoan XIN, who is the current President of State Grid Corporation of China, and President of China Electricity Council.

GEIDCO has 1,302 members from 141 countries, covering such sectors as energy, power, transportation, information, finance, technology, meteorology, and environmental protection. GEIDCO has 6 departments (Administration Bureau, General Office, Operating Bureau, Development Bureau, Cooperation Bureau, and Resources Management Bureau), 2 subordinate institutions (Economic & Technology Research Institute, and News & Media Center), 7 regional offices (for Africa, West Asia-North Africa, Europe, Eastern Europe-Central Asia, Southeast Asia-South Asia, Central and South America, and North America), 65 national representative offices and 20 national committees. GEIDCO has also set up the Advisory (Consultant) Board and the Technical (Academic) Committee.

GEIDCO currently has 241 employees, with more than half holding doctoral degrees and more than 60% having overseas study and working experience. Their professional fields cover energy and power, social sciences and humanities, economic administration and international relations.

GEIDCO has published both Chinese and English versions of the Journal of Global Energy Interconnection, offering a platform for academic innovation and sharing of achievements. An operation analysis center and a themed exhibition hall for Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) are also established to serve as an important venue for exchange and display of the latest progress and innovation.

Over the past seven years, GEIDCO’s pioneering work in various fields has guaranteed fruitful outcomes in GEI development.