October 18, 2020

Green Electrons and green molecules

Desertec 3.0 Market acceleration towards full renewable supply of green electrons and green molecules, transportation, storage and flexible demand in MENA Full Market integration throughout MENA…
October 17, 2020

Implementation phases

Desertec 2.0 Development of the market in the MENA Region first Dii active from Dubai, UAE Identifying and solving practical hurdles of wind/solar/grid projects International industry…
October 17, 2020

Concept phase

Desertec 1.0 Power from the deserts for Europe Foundation of Dii GmbH (Munich) in 2009 System, country and technology studies (Desert Power 2050, Desert Power: Getting…
October 17, 2020


Desertec vision Studies on the Desertec vision a.o. TREC (Trans- Mediterranean renewable energy Cooperation Studies) Creation of awareness and motivation