Upcoming start of Algeria’s 4GW Solar Program

Local Content Providers in Solar PV IPP Supply chains

Discussion Panels, Roundtable Sessions and Networking Dinner

May 9th-10th, 2018 | Algeria

Venue: Office of Club Energia

Visa support available

For queries contact Ms. Uma Dagdelen uma@dii-desertenergy.org

Purpose of the event

The objective of this event is to obtain a multi-stakeholder perspective on bankability requirements for large scale renewable energy projects. The objective is to see how to deploy solar PV and clean technologies at the lowest possible LCoE. Also, a view on the entire Algerian overall power system which has been extensively analyzed by Dii in the past will be considered, as well as job creation and GDP effect of solar energy.

Audience profile

Apart from the institutional stakeholders like Sonelgaz/SKTM, international and local developers, financiers, contractors, manufacturers, distributors, project management firms, consultants, large enterprises, and SMEs qualified to work on solar PV IPP projects and other relevant entities with a commercial interest in the renewable energy sector (e.g. logistics, training, etc.).

Algeria Workshop

For queries contact Ms. Uma Dagdelen uma@dii-desertenergy.org