Dii - Desert Energy

Launched in 2009 as a "not-for-profit" entity in Germany to explore the potential and improve market conditions for renewables in the desert areas of the Northern Africa and the Middle East..
Key Objectives in the field

  • Accelerate Deployment

    by overcoming hurdles for emission free technology projects

  • Encourage transparent, open markets

    offering realistic price signals and showing true competitiveness of renewables

  • Capture synergies

    through transmission capacities across national boarders increasing resilience, reducing cost and increasing share-ability of renewables

  • Participate in regional development

    through localization, job-creation, capacity building and know-how transfer

Our Charter

  • Identify and find solutions for key hurdles for RE projects and grids

  • Share best practice, regulatory knowledge and policy advice

  • Add to assessments and planning of renewables projects and grid extensions

  • Organize country specific workshops addressing the local project

  • Host an exclusive Leadership Summit annually

  • Participate in in-depth international programs

Evolution of Desert Energy

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